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Litho Printer Floracliffe

Litho Printer Floracliffe

Litho printing has been in existence since 1799 when Alois Senefelder patented the process. Litho printer systems make use of water based inks that get transferred onto the paper and soaks into the page. The colour spectrum is broken down in four colours, which are Magenta (ink), Black, Cyan (blue) and Yellow. In the old days litho printers used litho positive film to create printing blocks, nowadays the system is mainly computer driven however the basic premise stays the same.


Floracliffe Litho Printer Services

Our litho printer services offer the best possible print quality available on the market today with crystal clear printing that really brings out the design. Litho printing is best suited for large format printing. Modern day printing processes print incredibly fast and although you still need to print a sizeable number of copies to make it worth your while, require a much smaller print run, when compared to about 10 years ago.

Why Floracliffe Litho Printer Services By Print It ZA

The mantra of the litho printer is quantity is king. This means that whether you print 1000 copies or 3000 copies the difference in the total price is relatively small. Let Print It ZA guide you through the process and make things much smoother, as we have the necessary experience within the litho printing industry.

Are you looking for a Litho printer Floracliffe  in Johannesburg to help you with your large scale printing requirements? Get in touch with Print It ZA for the best quality, quick turnaround time and exceptional customer service.

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