Create from scratch - Round Coasters (rubber backing)

Round Coasters Create printitza

Coasters are such a great table saver and with the coffee culture being what it is, no table can exist without one. The quality rubber backing ensures that no cup can slip off and break. They are durable and can be used to convey anything from a simple message to important information. Makes for great client’s gifts alongside a calendar of your choice.

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100mm diameter
Single sided
Laminated and Mounted onto Rubber Backing diecut round


Small quantities are printed digitally on high end quality HP Indigo presses

Larger quantities are printed on state of the art Litho presses ensuring quality

Sizes available:

90mm x90mm diameter circle, 90mm x 90mm square corners


150gsm Matt


Printed Sheet laminated and mounted onto rubber backing and die cut to the shape selected, packed and boxed.

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