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NCR books are used when items such as invoice books, purchase, order books or receipt books - basically any form that is required in multiple copies is required. Being carbon paper only a fold-in board (known as a writing shield) is needed to be placed in-between the copies so that writing on the first sheet is followed through on the copies. Easy, neat and professional!

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Printed digitally using 80% black ink on the front page, or in 100% full colour

Sizes available:

A4 and A5 Portrait or Landscape

Parts and Sets:

A4 – 2 part (first part perfed) 100 sets, 3 part (first and second part perfed) 50 sets, 1 to view,
A5 – 2 part (first part perfed) 100 sets, or 3 part (first and second part perfed) 50 sets, 1 to view


60gsm carbon paper for insides and approx. 738gsm Grey Board/Chipboard Cover with Emtini Liner
Carbon paper colours in order of appearance is white, yellow and blue


Printed, numbered in red, quarter bound with tape colour of choice, with Emtini Liner writing shield, stapled and trimmed.

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