Stacking Cubes - 300 (L) x 300 (W) x 300mm (H) - set of 3

Stacking Cubes 300x300x300 printitza

Stacking Cubes are a novel and perfect way to advertise and create brand awareness. With 4 sides and a top side to advertise on, these cubes (or stacking boxes) are extremely effective in loudly displaying a message. Best placed at entry points or in a walk-through area where there is high traffic. The more striking they are the better the response!

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300 x 300mm


Printed on a flatbed UV printer

Sizes available:

300 x 300 x 300mm, square

400 x 400 x 400mm, square


B-Flute Fluted Board: - B-Flute is twice as thick as E-Flute (2.1 to 3mm) making it ideal for making more sturdy boxes. Also a good sheet to print directly on.


Diecut, Glued and supplied flat

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