Children’s book printing

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Children’s book printing

Print-on-demand for children’s books: Give a cover to your story

So you have a great story, a beautiful fairy tale on loop in your mind, commit it to print now and publish it here! Your book can turn into an heirloom worth passing down to younger generations. And no, you don’t have to search for a publishing house unless you need a full-fledged advertising campaign and multi-million contract. Print It ZA is your go-to for printing your story. As an authorised children’s book printing company in South Africa, we can bring your books to the fore with confidence and quality print production.

Don’t worry if your fairy tale isn’t long enough to create a full-length book. At Print It ZA, we have the right solution for books of all sizes, including hardcover and softcover books and booklets. We can also add visual touches or your kid’s drawings to make your copies brighter and more memorable. Let your imagination soar with children’s books prints!

With Print It ZA, you retain complete control over your publication throughout all stages. You’re the only one who decides how your book will look, from cover to cover.

Print children’s books to jump-start your writing career

A rejection letter from a publisher should never become an excuse for keeping your book in a drawer. You can still print and sell the story to your target audience through self-publishing.

Can’t afford offset printing? Our print-on-demand service can come to the rescue. It stands out with low upfront costs so that you can publish your large-print children’s books without spending a chunk of money. Any sales forecasts aside, you can entrust us with printing as many copies as you need, from just one to thousands.

When printing your book with Print It ZA, you can choose:

  • Book sizes and formats
  • Customisable covers
  • Colours
  • Book layout and design
  • Cover finishes

To make it easier for you, we can guide you through the printing process and advise on illustration quality and the best finish for all your books. This service is a part of our print-on-demand for children’s books.

Whether for toddlers, early readers or schoolchildren, books should be robust and harmless. That’s why we only use safe inks and high-quality materials for all the copies we bring out.

Treat your smallest readers to children’s books with large print

Kids are true connoisseurs of well-crafted books. Want to draw and keep their attention? Make sure your book has large print and catchy illustrations.

If you’re about to present your book to a potential agent or children’s book publisher, Print It ZA is here for you. We can create and print an appealing copy that wins over everyone holding it. You’ll also be clued up on the format and cover finishes allowing you to print children’s books on the cheap.

Our state-of-the-art printing facility works 24/7 to meet your printing needs. So, we can also handle rush orders without compromising printing quality. If you have any questions or want to get a quote, contact us to print a store-worthy book for children.