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Point of Sale Displays

Point-of-sale displays for retailers: Let your products be more visible

With so many products on store shelves nationwide, catching customers’ eyes is far from being the easiest thing to do. Shoppers are now spoilt for choice, while you face the massive challenge of making your stuff stand out. These days, retail point-of-sale marketing is among the best techniques available to enhance the visual exposure of your products, thereby getting customers to grab them directly off the Printed and Manufactured Displays.

At Print It ZA, we’re in a position to encourage impulse purchasing, totally in favour of any item you’re selling. We can help you display your products so that they are not dwarfed or smothered by other stuff found on shelves. As a business and brand owner, you will benefit from an instant surge in your sales.

No matter which type of POS “attention-grabber” you want, we’re up for the job to provide you with a winning soultion. As a go-to manufacturer of point-of-sale displays, Print It ZA offers the service for dump bins, in-store standees, hanging/free-standing elements, counter displays, merchandise holders to be placed in high-traffic retail areas, totem solutions and much more. At Print It ZA, let us add the professional touch.


Order our retail point-of-sale service to boost your brand recognition

Outstanding visual appeal and a range of recognisable brand features make for successful POS displays. That is why we always study and analyse your corporate branding carefully to render it in the design of your coveted unit. We will always ensure consistency with your brand colours, graphics and all other elements, which makes us your point-of-sale display manufacturer of choice.

Can’t wait to take your retail displays and sales to the next level? With Print It ZA, it will now be a breeze! Find out how much it will cost you to buy displays for point of sale in South Africa by dialling 073 035 2111 or following this link. Request your quote for POS unit production, packaging and distribution.