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Eco Friendly Printing

Print It ZA eco-printing – Go a greener way

With a staggering amount of greenhouse emissions and toxic metals, such as arsenic and lead, the world around us is suffocating. As staunch advocates of environmentally-friendly printing, we can’t let things worsen by using materials that do more harm than good. That is why Print It ZA cares deeply about every single process – from paper selection to recycling. We have doubled down, to do our bit in the joint efforts to prevent the real disaster from happening to nature, earth and our planet.

Print It ZA adopts the latest sustainable printing practices when fulfilling orders. Whether your one is about point-of-sale materials, magazines, books or brochures, you can be sure that the production of your printed elements won’t hit the environment. We will show you a greener way to go – all while preserving the highest on-demand printing quality.

What does our environmental printing translate into?

Inspired by the core principles of eco-consciousness, we keep a close watch on every step a sheet of paper goes through within our facility in Johannesburg. This approach allows us to:

  • reduce the use of bleaching chemicals by offering many alternative paper types (sugar cane, bamboo, etc.)
  • bid farewell to arsenic, lead and other heavy metals found in standard inks by replacing them with vegetable-based and Soy Based Inks
  • minimise fossil fuel and energy consumption as a result of implementing advanced green printing solutions, presses, etc.
  • prevent the overexploitation of some natural resources by turning to more accessible, renewable and biodegradable ones
  • reduce the effects of rubbish-related chemicals and greenhouse gases thanks to the well-thought-out recycle system for all our toner cartridges, inks and supplies

This green approach starts with our equipment, goes to our employees and extends to your business. Go Green and Team up with Print It ZA, one of the eco-friendly printing companies that are here to turn the world into a safer place!


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