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Education Printing

Maintaining standards of excellence in educational printing

Along with marketing and healthcare fields, the education sector makes the backbone of Print It ZA’s key focus areas. We are assisting schools, universities, ministries, and international organizations with workbook and textbook printing across South Africa. Given the importance of education for the country’s development, we can’t remain aloof from making our contribution. And we encourage everyone out there to do their bit, too.

Our Johannesburg-based factory is well-equipped with top-notch machines for educational materials printing. They enable us to handle run sizes of up to 100,000 copies per order while ensuring fast turnaround times. By having more than 100 specialists on our team and evenly distributing the workload over day and night shifts, we guarantee that your materials will be ready as promised. This applies to any of the following:

  • textbooks
  • workbooks
  • publications
  • course books and training manuals
  • study guides
  • catalogs

Print It ZA is also up for printing educational materials that require maximum security. Exam papers, tests, and answer sheets should all be prepared with confidentiality in mind to prevent malpractice. Printing them under secure conditions, according to your requirements.

What’s included in our educational printing services?

Our range of services is extensive enough to eliminate any hassle for you. Here’s what this means:

  • When you turn to us to print a workbook or thousands of those, there’s no chance you will be dissatisfied with the result. You can always choose from many binding methods (wiro, saddle stitching, pur binding etc.) and range of paper types for easier reading and writing.
  • We also offer packaging services to keep your educational materials well-sorted and organized. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get them in neatly arranged stacks, no matter the size of the print run.
  • You can leave logistics management to Print It ZA. As a go-to company specializing in educational workbook printing across South Africa, we can plan deliveries and simplify their tracking to any location in the country.
  • Once your materials are printed, it’s up to you to control the quantities they are sent in. We’ll provide you with inventory management to help you distribute your workbooks more efficiently.

If you’re ready to order printed educational materials and plan your run, contact Print It ZA for excellent service. In addition to offering the best rates, we will save you money on packaging, delivery, and logistics management!