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Brochure Printing Services

Fast brochure printing services in Johannesburg, South Africa

So, you have decided that your marketing campaign needs a revamp, now what? Don’t overlook the powerful but humble brochure, a tried-and-true marketing tool. Yes, the brochure is something you can touch and feel, and go back and reference and read again, even pass on to friends and colleagues. Brochures certainly do a great job of getting the word around about your company and its services. Need help with that? Print It ZA offers high-quality brochure printing services at affordable prices. And we are quick, too! Even if you are on a tight schedule or budget, our specialists will help you come up with the design and layout that best fits your pocket and needs.

How to put custom brochure printing services to good use?

To encourage your customers to see what needs to be seen, you should present information in a favourable light. Our online brochure printing services can help you with that, whether you specialise in real estate, food, cosmetics, clothing or other industries. If you haven’t yet decided on the most riveting template for your products, our specialists would be happy to suggest the best bet.

Please note that the preferable way of distribution should determine the size of the brochures printed. If you’re going to give them away at your store opening, choose from A6, A5, A4 or even A3 size. 

We set the most affordable brochure printing prices in Johannesburg, depending on the format and the number of copies needed. You can see the price per piece as you request a quote.

Benefits of online brochure printing services

There is a reason why brochures have stood the test of time and still remain one of the go-to marketing tools. Or five reasons, to be exact:

  • Easy to distribute

Having difficulty reaching your target audience? It is easy to strategically place brochures in a variety of locations close to your business or in places that attract your potential clients.

  • Cost-effective

If you are deciding between investing in digital advertisement or brochures, start with the latter. Brochure printing services will fit any low-cost marketing plan.

  • Build trust

A brochure is a piece of information that is tangible, which makes it seem more reliable than an online clickbait.

  • Small size

Brochure printing allows you to compact detailed descriptions and images of your products/services in a small area that neatly folds and fits into a jacket pocket or purse.

  • Credibility

Brochures send a clear message to your clients that your company is serious, well-established, and willing to invest in their customers.

You can find a lot of cheap brochure printing offers online. However, not all of them produce eco-friendly materials that you would like your brand to associate with. Print It ZA services are sustainable thanks to modern equipment and eco-papers and printing. We offer premium class color printing with gloss aqueous coating and optional UV coating for extra shine and durability. Are you ready to take your business to the next level with us? Contact our office today and place an order!

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