Firelighter packaging

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Firelighter packaging

Turn your firelighter packaging into a piece of art

It’s hard to produce firelighters, and it’s even harder to package them. You can’t settle for some cookie-cutter box that you would otherwise use for other products. The truth is that printing firelighter packaging requires special design, more safety features, and lettering. Fortunately, Print It ZA can handle all that for you.

We are capable of serving start-ups and large companies by printing firelighter boxes of any size. Do you need a small paper one to package a single piece? Or are you looking for a sizeable cardboard box to bundle a firelighter with other products? We can help.

One-stop place to design and print firelighter boxes

With Print It ZA, you’re about to get efficient service for every step it takes to end up with firelighter boxes. That’s because we specialize in:

  • framing the concept
  • designing firelighter boxes
  • label printing
  • carton packaging
  • die-cutting

Every cardboard firelighter paper packaging box can be custom-made to sync with your brand features. Rest assured, when distinctive designs and shapes blend with unparalleled print quality, your product is destined to become a success. Together, we can notch it up for sure.

Proudly printed in South Africa

If you’re new to the packaging design process, it’d be a good idea to have consummate professionals take care of it for you. Print It ZA is one of the top-rated firelighter box suppliers and manufacturers in South Africa. Covering the entire domestic market, we offer a multitude of eco-friendly, cost-efficient packaging options that resonate with your business needs. We leave no stone unturned while designing and printing your firelighter boxes to make them your pride and joy.

Give us a call to plan your project and go into detail. With Print It ZA, you can order 100 (MOQ) or 1’000’000 firelighter boxes and have them ready in a short while.