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Eco Printing

This may be your first-time hearing about eco printing, and to be honest, that’s alright! At Print It ZA, were all about discovering new technologies and practices to facilitate eco-printing. Eco printing is called by many names and can be conducted many ways.

Eco printing involves directly applying plants to textiles to alter colour, apply colour and create interesting designs. We believe that if you can achieve the most amazing prints and colours just by making use of natural elements which don’t harm the environment in any way, then toxic dyes should never be considered.

Eco Printing (natural dyeing) is a natural process and is popularly referred to as mother earth. An eco print can never be repeated because every leaf on this planet is different, even the two sides of that leaf are different.

Why Eco Printing By Print It ZA

Print It ZA has access to a huge range of environmentally friendly paper sheets and manages the most eco-friendly printing technology all under one roof. As a leader in the field of eco printing, we realise that being sensitive to the environment does not imply sacrificing quality of imagery and print.

So, if you’re looking for an Eco Printing company that will provide professional eco-printing services within the required timeframes, then contact Print It ZA today!

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