A catalogue of curiosities available on the streets of Johannesburg
December Twenty Sixteen
Part city, part shopping centre, there’s always something to buy on the streets of Joburg. Inspired by Tannie Elsa’s outburst, we set out to document the goods our city has to offer, from clothing hangers to genuine Louise Vitton® bags. During this time we got to meet vendors from all over Africa eager to make their fortunes in the city of gold. While getting to know these budding entrepreneurs, we thought that the best way to honour their stories and eclectic merchandise was with the design of Joburg’s first street catalogue, African bazaar.

“Siyabonga kakhulu.”
– The Spanish Coalition
Special thanks to everyone who made African Bazaar possible:
Angie Durrant Batis (photographer), Adi Koen (stylist), Hannah Keyter Engelbrecht (art buyer), Emy Ozori (model), Victor Sguassero, Alexandra Botha (makeup) and all the hard-working street vendors of Joburg.