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Print It ZA, Best BOOK Printer Johannesburg assist businesses in all kinds of printing and packaging related needs and requirements. From commercial printing, digital printing, financial printing, direct mail, web offset to carton printing, labels and containers. Best Book Printer Johannesburg manage printing projects right out from the start until the end and those people who are involved in the print finishing jobs look into the final touches of the product before any finalisation work is done for delivery.

Printing Effects and Print Finishing Process from BEST BOOK PRINTER JOHANNESBURG

Print Finishing jobs involve daily duties such as trimming the pages to the correct size and shape and having it folded or stitched together with a special coating applied to the surface. Most of the time a print finisher inspects and packs finished products into boxes and puts them through a machine for counting. Best Printer Johannesburg offers many varnishing varieties and options to their clients with attractive price packages to help cut cost. Varnishings include- Machine Sealing – This is used on matt or silk papers to stop the ink from staining other areas by sealing the ink onto the paper surface. Varnishing – It is used to improve the appearance of the printed page and helps it last longer. There are three types of varnishing such as the Gloss varnish, the Matt varnish and the Silk varnish. The Gloss Varnish gives out a shiny coating effect to increase the impact of photos or on an area in a page. Matt varnish provides a smooth effect that doesn’t reflect the light but heightens the matt impact in a bright room. Silk varnish produces a mixed effect between Gloss and Matt varnishes. UV Varnish – It covers a page with a transparent coating which has a smooth and think feel. The coating is dried by ultra violet light which brings out the colour in a page.

Spot UV – This is an option to go for if the desired effect is required only in a particular area of a page. It is done to add a vibrant impact to the page. Textured Varnish – This is a glossy varnish that gives a rippled and tactile finish and can be used as a spot varnish to heighten the impact of a page. Other Varnishes – Other varnishes include sparkly varnishes, metallic flakes, tinted varnishes and the scratch off latex varnish. All these varnishes create different effects and style and produces gloss, colour and highlights to the desired pages and cover.

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