How to create a flyer that every business would want to have?


Whether you’re in Johannesburg or elsewhere in Africa, you may often end up with a flyer in your hand, even if you aren’t going to. Many companies use this marketing tool to hook new customers and inform them about impossible-to-miss-out deals. One glance is enough to decide whether you throw one away or keeping it. And more often than not, flyers get into the nearest trash can along with your investment spend. So how to make flyers for your business that won’t share the same fate?

Take your time to think about “flyer features” that catch your attention. This may involve plenty of testing and experimenting to define those that can be transformative for your business goals.

To succeed in flyer marketing, narrow down things that impact you as a consumer, your wants and needs, and end goal. Then when you understand your target audience, great design and images and be aware of how to make a flyer online to bring them to your flyers. This article will help you get started.

How to make flyers for your business: Key things to consider

Hiring a professional designer may be costly if you’re running a startup or small business. But even if you can’t afford flyer printing services, creating a powerful design concept on your own is a feasible task.

The first thing to do is determine your target audience and create a focal point that captures the eye. People want great design and high quality flyers, and we deliver this in bucket loads at Print It ZA. You want your potential customers to examine your flyers from cover to cover. Get them interested first, we will show you how.

Appealing images evoke the desire to take a closer look at your flyers. The blend of colors, fonts, and professionally written and arranged text can also maximize the eye-catching effect. If you’re using the best flyer printing services, your printer will help you strike a balance between all those.

But there are some proven ways to create great flyers without printing services. If you’re a DIYer, this may help you:

  • Create a powerful headline and subheadings
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Offer unique deals
  • Put vital concepts in bold
  • Emphasize the benefits your customers can get if they choose to read your flyer
  • Leave your contact information


When all the points are made, and you’re ready to show the world your creation, find where to print flyers and bring them out.
If you’re running your business in South Africa, Print It ZA can be your print-on-demand service provider. We can meet all your printing needs with the best flyer printing services.