Printing services have proliferated over the last few years. While having more options is usually good news for businesses or publishers, too many online printing services in South Africa may cause choice overload.

Whether you plan to advertise your brand through banners or publish a manual, the last thing you want is poorly printed materials. To avoid that, scroll down and learn where you should print.

5 Criteria to evaluate online printing services

Beyond simply delivering quality printing and living up to your deadline expectations, the best printing service is supposed to have the appropriate equipment for your project, invest in technology, and make the entire experience a no-brainer.

Endless capabilities

You can’t go wrong with a company specializing in countless online printing services in South Africa, be it glossy magazines, educational materials, catalogues or even duplex business cards. When their capabilities are so extensive, you’ll encounter little to no bottlenecks for printing orders. The printer will also be able to adapt to your needs between print runs.

Online printing

Don’t underestimate convenience. The days of spending a week discussing your project with a company representative only to have mediocre results in the end are gone. A top-rated printer should be up for accepting printed materials remotely and delivering your pieces at your convenience. Using a printing service online is a huge time-saver for businesses and individuals.

Innovative technology

With an advanced digital infrastructure and software solutions, print shops can create game-changing informational and promotional products, branded non-paper merchandise, and custom packaging. Your best bet is a company dedicated to embracing technology and updating its line of printers.


No matter the scale of your printing tasks, undertaking them shouldn’t set you back a lot. Depending on your demands, a service provider should orchestrate its processes and handle logistics for proven value for money. It gets even better if it offers free quotes and long-term partnership deals.


Even if the print quality is outstanding, getting the final piece in flimsy packaging just won’t feel right. Make sure they provide robust packaging to keep your printed materials neatly arranged and organized until they reach your location. 

Final advice

Isn’t it wishful thinking to believe you can find such a company that still provides cheap online printing services? Meet Print It ZA. We place immense importance on using the best equipment at our South Africa-based facilities and keeping cost-efficiency an integral part of your experience. We consistently fulfill your demands in terms of print format, color rendering, and time frames.