A joy to page through, booklets can serve as how-to guides, promotional handouts, and even to get your business or future partners up to speed with the new technology used in your products. Your Booklets are multi-purpose and deliver the classic page feel that many prefer to online materials. But the only way you can nail it for your needs is to figure out how to create a booklet that is nothing but amazing and put quality first throughout all the steps of designing and printing.

A great booklet underpins the power of your brand by making it look more credible, professional, and caring. Explore 5 best practices to get started with your booklets without the risk of failure as you’re partway through them.

5 Essentials behind high-quality booklet printing

Despite being a multi-step process, booklet design and printing involve 5 key things to do for every project. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Pin down brand-specific elements. There’s a reason why you can’t forget Nike’s Swoosh or that TV ad from when you were young. Brand-specific elements come a long way in establishing whether your company is remembered or forgotten in an instant. They may be audio elements or visuals and are necessary to include in your booklets. 
  2. Make it a feast for the eyes. Text is dull for most of those who will get their hands on your booklets. To bring them to life, use as many high-resolution images as possible. These will help you proceed from wondering how to create a booklet that is easy to flick through to handing out the materials that stick in your audience’s mind.
  3. Be consistent with a booklet layout. High-quality booklet printing has a lot to do with what your layout looks like. It should be determined after deciding on the booklet size, binding, and paper. Most importantly, you want to ensure consistency with your layout throughout the booklet, even if you’re printing a short run or a long bulk print run. Never confuse your audience by arranging text and visual elements differently on every page.
  4. Don’t let text ruin everything. If you’ve always wanted to know how to make a booklet that is worth reading, make sure your text is coherent and flawless. That means triple-checking it for typos, illogical sentences, unnecessary fluff, and too pushy CTAs.
  5. Create a beautiful cover. Covers always count and show how much effort you’ve put into designing your booklets. That’s why if you lack knowledge about how to print booklets, it’s best to connect with professional designers to create a cover for you. Most often, you’ll find them when searching for a printing company.

So, where to print booklets once you’re done with these 5 steps? You can either connect with the nearest company or look further for the best fit. It never hurts to search wider than whoever is available in your area and choose a dependable printer that can design, print, and turn your booklets into the digital format for online sharing.