Photos are fleeting glimpses of something that probably won’t happen again. But at the same time, they give you perspective on who you were and what you’ve become. Preserving memories through journaling, making photo albums, letter-writing, and storytelling is what we all do — and for a good reason.

However, the tradition of printing photos to arrange by hand is fading away, just like the art of handwritten letters. Digitalization trends are doing a disservice to your memories and family history. Or are they?

The ease of snapping pics wherever you go seems to augment their experience-documenting potential. Sending photos or uploading them to social media/photo sharing apps is now a breeze, as compared to what it took to make a photo album “the old way.”

On the flip side, your digital devices and storage platforms may confine images for years without anyone looking at them. But at family get-togethers, you’d love to enjoy that traditional trip down memory lane, touching the pages of photos that unfold into a story.

Creating a photo book: The convenient and lasting photo preservation option

You can easily make a photo album

Strapped for time to print photos or put them into photo albums that may soon fall apart with glue disintegrating into unsightly stains? Make a photography book that is durable and easily created online.

This is a perfect solution to prolong the life of your pics. Photo books are printed on better-quality and thicker paper than individual photos. This is what makes them great for revisiting your memorable moments without the gradually deteriorating look taking away all the joy.

DIY photo books are a good alternative to scrapbooks

DIY photo book

Do you have a drawer full of odds and ends you wanted to turn into a scrapbook but never had the time to? Plenty of kids’ artwork on the shelves that you’d like to keep? Scrapbooks used to be the honorable guardians of the items we hold dear. However, they can look messy and cluttered, just as whatever is still waiting to make it to their pages.

Scanning or photographing any paper memorabilia you want to salvage and using the pics when making photo books is a neat and space-saving option. Besides, your little “treasures” won’t look disorganized or fade over time.

Best photo book tips to bring out your inner storyteller

photo book tips

Telling your story with pics and adding to it along the way shouldn’t be an ordeal. You can create a themed photo book or a series of photo books featuring your travels, important events, hobbies, and celebrating your achievements, or other special moments of the story as you live it. Designing your own photo book should be easy and fun as you experiment:

  • Displays
  • Layouts
  • Captions
  • Customization features

Let the most beautiful pics make a statement by choosing a full-page display or panoramic spreads or placing them on the cover of your book. Add quotes, the dates of memorable events, or special words for the people you care about – which is the best idea for turning a photo book into a gift.

The past is a realm that’s tricky to travel to, but by creating a photo book, you allow your loved ones to plunge into an unforgettable time-traveling experience. And it awaits them to say, “Love has no expiration date!”