Thousands of flyers are handed out in public places every day. But not all of them achieve the purpose they are created for. More specifically, most flyers fail to produce the marketing effects business owners expect. But knowing how to create a flyer that is irresistible and catchy can turn any handout campaign to your advantage.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all flyer design and features that make a killer flyer. The best flyer may be different for every business and marketing campaign, so you’ll need to experiment with several ideas to create your perfect one.

Let’s determine where you should start when exploring how to make flyers for your business and why you should move on with a printing service.

Step 1: Due diligence

Don’t even try to design and distribute flyers if there’s ambiguity about:

  • What impact your flyers are meant to deliver
  • Who should be interested in your flyers and the message they deliver
  • The end goal of your flyer distribution campaign

If you’re creating a flyer for marketing purposes, do your due diligence to know what audience they are supposed to target. It isn’t only about researching their age and gender. You can also run online surveys and let your customers express their design preferences, which will make a great foundation for the next step.

Step 2: Design and visual features

How your flyers are designed is of paramount importance. If they glow and shine with just the right features, they are more likely to deliver the message to your audience. On the other hand, if they are made carelessly, there’s a higher risk of nobody putting the effort to remember your flyers, brand name, or product. 

The best flyer printing services are the perfect way to accomplish Step 2. If you are not knowledgeable about flyer design, professional printing companies can help with visuals, fonts, sizes, and text that align seamlessly with your messaging. They will collect crucial information about your audience and design your flyers according to the insights that you may not be able to gain on your own.

Step 3: Find where to print flyers

Even if you don’t have an in-house team of designers, there are companies that can do both design and printing. Sure, leaving the flyer job to them requires a heavier investment than using free flyer design tools and making your way through DIY guides on how to make flyers online. But the result is in direct proportion to it, too.

To find where to print flyers, search through local service providers. Look at whether they have experience creating flyers and what marketing results they have helped their customers achieve. The best flyer printing services are often happy to show off their design work and deliverables in online portfolios or upon request.

Besides design and printing, some service providers may even help you with flyer distribution. Ask whether they can do it and save you even more effort.