Legion Paper

Waaaay back in January Colorplan and distributor Legion Paper challenged the world to choose its favorite color online, and people came out to meet that challenge in droves. Now the wait is over and the planet’s favorite color is….Marrs Green! Named in honor of survey participant Annie Marrs, this shade has now been added to Colorplan’s range as its temporary 51st shade, available now through Legion Paper.

This event not only determined the world’s favorite hue, it elegantly demonstrated how Colorplan allows you, me, or anybody to create a bespoke Colorplan color sheet to match ANY shade, such as a brand color or ink reference.

To give you ample inspiration for the many ways that you can use Marrs Green in your own designs, Legion Paper wants to send you this snazzy promotion featuring blind embossing, die cutting, foil stamping and a clever folding technique.

SOURCE: https://www.paperspecs.com/must-haves/marrs-green-colorplan-promotion/

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