Congrats to VISI 100.
One of my favourite local brands.
This is truly a special magazine, Thank you to the whole VISI Team for always sharing such “COOL” inspiring South African talent.
Here is to another 100 more!
Much love from Print It ZA.

SJOE! 100 issues and counting… What a pleasure and memorable adventure it has been to put together the biggest-ever issue of VISI.

Since 2001, I have been fortunate to work on this very special magazine alongside some of the most inspiring and talented people in South Africa. Every one of us here at VISI has always pulled out all the stops to delight and surprise you, our loyal followers in print and online, and has gone all out to nurture this important local love-brand.

Thank you to all who have let us into their homes over the years, and all the super-talented architects, artists, crafters and designers who have shared their work with us.

For me, André Eksteen of Earthworld Architects sums it up best: “VISI defined a whole new approach. For the first time someone was making it ‘cool’ to be South African.”

– Sumien