Honest Chocolate Stands Out With Brightly Colored Packaging

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Honest Chocolate Stands Out With Brightly Colored Packaging


CREATING A STORM designed the packaging for Honest Chocolate, a brand that uses only organic ingredients when crafting their products. The design is simple but the pops of color allow for the design to stand out and command attention.

“Honest Chocolate is a local artisanal chocolate brand. Each chocolate bar is handcrafted and made using only organic ingredients. The creators also believe in practicing old-school methods of chocolate making.While Honest Chocolate had a gained a loyal customer base through their Cafèin Cape Town, the original packaging became lost once placed on supermarket shelves. In order to be visually more competitive the packaging needed a rebrand.”

“I used simple, clean and modern typography which when paired with a gold foil is arresting. And the pattern created by the colour banding allows for theatre on shelf. The job also made use of only six plates. The colour plates and foil blocks were uniform across the range, making it an extremely cost effective job.”


Creative Director: Storm Wiggett

Photographer: Russell Smith

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

SOURCE: https://thedieline.com/blog/2018/8/9/honest

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